About Us

At Daley Automation, we deliver on time and with a high attention to detail.

Daley Automation is a collection of independent companies and capabilities dating back to 1909, that in September 2020, integrated into one organization resulting in a company providing a variety of products, equipment and engineering services that supports both the industrial process and industrial manufacturing industry. Learn more about our philosophy and values below.

Our Philosophy

  • To provide value by delivering an integrated combination of products and engineering services.
  • To lead the industry with proven performance and support our customers in their performance goals. 
  • To leverage our years of experience and industry partnerships in providing solutions to challenging process needs. 

Our Values

  • Honesty and candor in all our relationships.
  • A collaborative team approach to ensure no stone goes unturned.
  • High productivity while maintaining an attention to detail.
  • A culture and business systems that consistently provide a high level of customer satisfaction.

Why did we create Daley Automation?

Rapidly improving technology is driving our customers to upgrade at all levels in their facilities. This is creating opportunities for companies comfortable working on the cutting edge, like Daley Automation, to readily meet the needs of forward-looking customers. Learn more about how automation can decrease your labor costs.

Labor costs in today’s market are increasingly unpredictable. Outsourcing certain business needs is becoming much more common as this can help remove unpredictability in operation costs. Finding reliable suppliers can be difficult, but you don’t need to look any further. Daley Automation prides itself in delivering on time and on budget.

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