Our Machining & Fabrication Services

CNC Machining Capabilities

When it comes to machining, we have over 50 years of experience delivery projects on schedule and on budget. Daley Automation can meet almost any need you have. Some of our capabilities include:

We can work to very tight tolerances on most materials. Typically, we can achieve +/-.0005″ and while flat grinding can achieve +/-.0001″

The above images walk you through the manufacturing process of flanges designing for a cryogenic distribution box. Its highest profile application is the Large Hadron Collider installed in CERN Switzerland. Picture 1 is of the forged blanks, picture 2 shows the machining of the cone section of the flange, and picture 3 shows multiple near complete stages of the finished product. (Click the pictures to enlarge them)

Welding & Fabrication Capabilities

We have many certified and experienced welders on staff with years of cumulative expertise. We can handle almost any type of welding you need. 

Reverse Engineering

Have a part you need more of on hand, but don’t have the prints for it? We can handle that! Just send us the part and we can figure out how to manufacture it. Here’s an example of when we did this in the past:

A leading multi-international food company approached Daley Automation with a request to reverse engineer a component from a piece of equipment that is utilized every day in their production. They had a part that had worn out and failed therefore limiting their production. The customer found the equipment OEM to be out of business and although many similar pieces of equipment are still used throughout the food processing industry, there was no source for the part they needed. The original part was manufactured from cast stainless steel and had experienced severe cracking due to the combination of both time and machine vibration.

Daley Automation engineers visited the customer’s location and conducted an in-depth analysis of the component utilizing the latest technology to accurately measure and evaluate the existing component. Review of application and general maintenance were discussed to understand the full scope of the project.

The solution was the engineering and manufacturing of an exact “form-fit-function” component. Material was upgraded from cast stainless to stainless bar stock. It was concluded that the material upgrade would provide better wear resistance from the constant vibration condition produced by the machines daily use.

Our Customers

We work with a huge variety of customers in many different industries and can meet many different needs. Most of our work is with aerospace and automotive companies, but we also have served pharmaceutical, food, and utility companies. Some of our customers include NASA, Subaru, Collins Aerospace, Woodward, and others. Want to know more about the Daley process? Visit our About page.  

Certifications & Memberships

We have the certifications that are required to deliver the quality you need.