Single Robotic Cells

We can build a robotic cell to meet your needs.

Robot Examples

Example: Welding with Indexer

Yasakawa Motoman single robot, with integrated torch and welding package and integrated index workholding welding table. Yasakawa Motoman has a number of solutions and options available for safeguarding, maintenance and weld quality.

Example: Robot Upgrade

Previous robotic arms are in grey, and the upgraded arm is in blue. It is a complete robotic upgrade package, controls and robot. 

Partner: Yaskawa / Motoman

Daley Automation is a proud member of the Yaskawa Motoman Strategic Partner (MSP) program. This program distinctly identifies organizations which have demonstrated excellence when selling and servicing Yaskawa Motoman robotic automation. Daley Automation is committed to industry-leading Yaskawa Motoman training, service, support, and technology, as well as practicing the Yaskawa Motoman values of the next-level transactional ethics, customer service and automation support.